Angry Shark Miami

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Angry Shark Miami is an exhilarating action game that puts you in control of a hungry shark on the shores of Miami. This ferocious predator has arrived with an insatiable appetite and a desire to devour everything in its path. Get ready for a thrilling underwater adventure as you navigate the vibrant waters of Miami in search of your next meal.

As the outlandish shark, it's up to you to swim through the vast ocean, exploring the depths and causing havoc wherever you go. Take control of this formidable creature and unleash your fury on unsuspecting ships, devouring humans, hunting planes, and creating chaos in the waters. The world is your playground, and it's time to show everyone who rules the sea.

The objective of the game is to help the shark to devour everything that is on the way, accumulate the most points, complete all the missions in the game and become the most dangerous shark in the 7 seas.

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