Anime Couple Dress Up

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Anime Couple Dress Up is an enchanting game that allows you to unleash your creativity and style sense as you dress up adorable anime couples. With a choice of four different couples, each with their own unique skin color, you'll have the opportunity to create stunning outfits for both the girl and the guy on the same screen.

Get ready to dive into a vast wardrobe filled with over 250 items, all available for free! With 150 items specifically designed for the girl and 100 items for the boy, the possibilities are endless. Mix and match fashionable clothing pieces, trendy accessories, and stylish hairstyles to design the perfect look for each couple.

As you embark on this fashion journey, imagine the couples going on a romantic date, reliving their high school crush and the undying love they share even after graduation. The anticipation of their upcoming wedding adds an extra touch of excitement to the game. Join the girl in her dreams of a beautiful wedding party, a honeymoon filled with romantic world travels, and the blissful married life that awaits her.

Use mouse to change outfit

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