Bird Sort Puzzle

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Bird Sort Puzzle is a captivating and addictive game that challenges your puzzle-solving skills with a feathered twist. Prepare to immerse yourself in the avian world as you strategically sort and arrange a variety of colorful birds.

In this engaging game, your objective is to sort the birds by their attributes, such as color, size, or species, and place them in their respective nests. You must carefully analyze the characteristics of each bird and arrange them in the correct order to successfully complete each level.

As you progress, the challenge increases with more complex arrangements and a larger variety of bird types. You'll need to think critically, plan your moves, and utilize your observation skills to successfully sort all the birds.

- Move the bird by touching it and then touching the branch you want it to move to.
- The rule is that you can only move the birds if it has same color and there's enough space on the tree branch.
- Try not to get stuck. If you get stuck you can just go back step by step using the back button or restart the level at any time using the restart button.

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