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Body Race is a dynamic and empowering game that celebrates beauty and challenges you to own the runway. Step into the world of fashion and embark on a thrilling race to the finish line, where stunning cutting-edge fashion awaits. With a focus on body positivity, this game encourages you to embrace your unique beauty and showcase your style with confidence.

In Body Race, you'll encounter a series of exciting obstacles that symbolize the journey to maintaining a healthy body and embracing self-expression. Along the racecourse, you'll come across various food items and fitness gear. Your task is to strategically catch the items that will help you hit your target and unlock beautiful outfits. Choose wisely, as each decision can impact your progress and style.

One-finger-control means you can just tap the screen by finger and move it left to right and back to change your position on the track. The model is running automaticaly.

For Desktop you can use your mouse to control.

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