Bubble Queen Cat

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Bubble Queen Cat is a charming and addictive bubble shooter game that combines adorable cats with exciting bubble-popping action. Get ready to embark on a colorful adventure with the Bubble Queen Cat as your guide.

In this captivating game, your goal is to help the Bubble Queen Cat clear the bubbles by matching and popping them. Aim carefully, strategize your shots, and create combinations to burst as many bubbles as possible. With each level, the challenge increases, requiring precise aiming and clever tactics to succeed.

Bubble Queen Cat features vibrant and eye-catching graphics that bring the cat-themed world to life. From cute and cuddly feline characters to enchanting backgrounds, every element adds to the game's delightful atmosphere.

Use the guiding line to aim your shooter and blast bubbles!

Match 3+ bubbles & shoot to make them pop!

Swap the bubbles to match & pop more

Create powerful boosters & items to help you blast through levels.

Pop all bubbles or rescue the cats to complete levels.

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