Classic Solitaire Blue

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This is Classic Solitaire Blue, a game that brings the timeless and beloved classic card game to life in a modern and classy setting.

It combines the traditional gameplay that players have come to know and love with a fresh and contemporary twist. Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of solitaire, as you enjoy hours of brain-teasing challenges and fun.

Classic Solitaire Blue features the familiar gameplay mechanics that have made solitaire a favorite among card game enthusiasts for generations. Arrange the cards in ascending order, following the rules of the game, and strategically uncover hidden cards to complete the foundations.

Sort all cards to the four piles on the left. First decide how many cards you want draw, 1 is better for a beginner, 3 are more challenging. Flip cards to find their value and drag them onto any card of an opposite color and suit. The cards have to be sorted based on their rank. Each pile’s foundation starts with an ace and has to be built in ascending order from aces to kings. A card - or a group of cards - can be moved to one of the seven columns as long as its ranking and color suit.

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