Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure

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Cook and Match is an exciting culinary adventure that will test your puzzle-solving skills in the kitchen.

Join Chef Sara on a delightful journey as she whips up delicious dishes and needs your expertise to complete the tile-matching puzzles and gather the perfect ingredients for her recipes.

In Cook and Match, your task is to swap the positions of onions, bell peppers, cheese wedges, and other mouthwatering icons on the game board. By lining up three or more identical icons, you'll create tasty matches that contribute to the success of Chef Sara's culinary creations.

Keep an eye out for bigger combinations, as they will unlock powerful bonus items like chef's knives, blenders, and pressure cookers.

Tap or click on an icon and drag it to move it to a new tile. You can make two adjacent items swap places, but every move must result in a valid combination of three or more of the same ones. Keep an eye on Sara’s shopping list to see which items you need.

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