Corona Airplanes Hidden

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Corona Airplanes Hidden is an intriguing and captivating hidden object game that takes you on a unique journey through the world of aviation during the global pandemic. Get ready to put your observation skills to the test as you search for hidden objects amidst a backdrop of airplanes and pandemic-related elements.

In this immersive game, your objective is to explore various scenes and locate hidden objects within the given time limit. From crowded airport terminals to aircraft hangars, each location presents a different challenge as you uncover hidden items related to the theme of corona airplanes.

Corona Airplanes Hidden features stunning visuals and detailed artwork that bring the aviation world to life. The game provides a mix of hidden object puzzles and immersive storytelling, allowing you to unravel the mysteries and discover the secrets hidden within each scene.

Use your mouse to play or tap on the screen!

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