Crazy Monster Shooter

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Crazy Monster Shooter is an adrenaline-fueled game that plunges you into a world overrun by ferocious and menacing creatures. Brace yourself for an intense battle as you face waves of hellish enemies, each one more formidable than the last. It's a fight for survival, and your skills will be put to the ultimate test.

As a fearless hero, it's your mission to eliminate these monstrous foes and collect valuable loot along the way. Arm yourself with powerful weapons, from blazing guns to explosive grenades, and unleash a storm of destruction upon your enemies. But be careful, as the monsters won't go down without a fight. They will test your reflexes, strategy, and ability to stay one step ahead.

To stand a chance against the hordes of creatures, you must constantly upgrade your hero. Earn points and unlock new heroes with unique abilities that will aid you in your quest to save humanity from the clutches of hell. Each hero brings a different set of skills and playstyle, allowing for diverse and exciting gameplay experiences.

- Move with WASD
- Aim with mouse
- Shoot with Left Mouse Button
- Throw grenade with Right Mouse Button

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