Doc HoneyBerry Kitty Surgery

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Doc HoneyBerry Kitty Surgery Game invites players to embark on a heartwarming journey as they assume the role of Doc HoneyBerry, a compassionate and skilled veterinarian. In this game, players will come across a cute little kitty in need of help, rescued from the trash.

Their task is to provide the necessary medical care, tending to the kitty's injuries and mending its broken bones. With the utmost care and precision, players will guide Doc HoneyBerry through various surgical procedures to ensure the kitty's recovery.

But the journey doesn't end there! Once the kitty has fully healed, players can indulge their creative side and give the furry friend a delightful makeover. With an array of stylish clothes, pants, shoes, hats, and an assortment of patterned skins to choose from, players can dress up the kitty in various styles and colors.

Whether it's a casual look or a more formal ensemble, the options are plentiful. The goal is to give the kitty a cute and personalized makeover that will make it the most fashionable feline in town.

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