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Domino is a timeless puzzle game that has captivated players worldwide for generations. Its simplicity combined with its inherent challenge makes it an enduring source of entertainment that can be enjoyed day or night.

In Domino, the objective is straightforward: strategically place your tiles on the board to create matching pairs of numbers. Each domino tile consists of two halves, each displaying a different number of dots. The goal is to connect the dots on adjacent tiles, creating a continuous chain of matching numbers.

As you delve into the game, you'll quickly realize that each move requires careful consideration. The placement of one tile can have a cascading effect on the rest of the board, opening up new possibilities or limiting your options. The key to success lies in analyzing the available moves, predicting the consequences, and making calculated decisions.

Three game modes are designed to provide you with the interactive and interesting gameplays:
1. Draw domino: just match a tile in your pile with one of the two ends on the board
2. Block domino: similar to Draw Dominoes. The only difference is that you pass your turn if you are stuck.
3. All Five (or Muggins): a bit more sophisticated. You score points every time you make the number of pips on the ends of the board a multiple of 5.

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