Drink Master

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Drink Master is the ultimate game for those who have always dreamt of becoming a skilled bartender. If your life goal revolves around mastering the art of pouring perfectly crafted cocktails and drinks, then look no further. Get ready to showcase your expertise and impress everyone with your impeccable skills.

In Drink Master, you'll step into the shoes of a bartender extraordinaire. Your mission is to pour the liquor with precision, ensuring that each cocktail is a masterpiece in itself. From classic favorites to innovative concoctions, the possibilities are endless. As you mix the ingredients, be sure to add the perfect ice cube to elevate the taste and presentation of each drink.

This extremely simple game (yet addictive!) allows you to mix different colored drinks into extremely refreshing compositions! Give your fantasy free rein – mixing beer with beer? No problem!

Your task is to mix drinks perfectly, up to the set limit!

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