Epic Army Clash

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Epic Army Clash is a new online game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Players take control of their own unique army, customizing their units and waging battle on various battlefields with opponents from all around the globe.

The game offers an exciting and innovative gaming experience with its array of strategic options. You can take command of tanks, planes, helicopters, infantry and artillery units to create your own unique armies or choose one of the pre-made configurations for a quick start into gameplay. Every unit type has its own characteristics that you'll need to carefully consider in order to master Epic Army Clash.

You can hone your skills by playing against computer opponents or test yourself against other players through Player vs Player battles. With leaderboards tracking scores across countries and continents, there's no shortage of challenges waiting for you!

The game is controlled by tap and drag.

Your task is to connect the same units so that they become stronger.

To start the game simply tap the button and send your soldiers to attack. During the battle you can call in artillery support and drop rockets on the enemy's head.

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