Fools Match

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Fools Match is an engaging and addictive HTML5 game that will put your color-matching skills to the test. In this thrilling puzzle adventure, your objective is to select three fool faces of the same color from the bottom of the Puzzle Board and bring them to the top, causing them to disappear. However, be cautious and strategic in your choices, as selecting the correct order of colors is crucial to your success. Make sure not to make any mistakes, as losing can be costly.

The concept of Fools Match is simple yet challenging. The Puzzle Board is filled with a variety of colorful fool faces, and your task is to identify and select three fool faces of the same color. By choosing wisely and aligning them in the correct order, you can make them ascend to the top of the board and vanish, earning points and clearing the way for new fool faces to appear.

Click on fool faces to match them and clear the levels.

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