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Fruit Doctor invites you to step into the unique and charming world of fruits and vegetables seeking medical attention. As the skilled and compassionate food doctor, it's your responsibility to provide the necessary check-ups and treatments to these adorable edible patients. Prepare to embark on a delightful journey filled with whimsical scenarios where fruits and veggies rely on your expertise to heal their ailments.

In this fun and interactive game, you'll encounter a variety of food-based challenges that require your medical skills. Whether it's assisting eggplants in their miraculous journey of giving birth, giving bananas the stitches they need, or tending to a boo-boo on an apple, there's no shortage of fruits and veggies in need of your care. Each case presents a unique medical puzzle for you to solve, combining creativity and problem-solving.

Help fruits and veggies with whatever check up they need

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