Heroball SuperHero

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Heroball Super Hero is an action-packed adventure game that puts you in the role of an avenger with extraordinary powers. In a world threatened by evil minions who seek to reshape the planet into a square, it's up to you to step up as the hero and save the day! Prepare to embark on an epic HeroBall adventure filled with excitement, challenges, and heroic feats.

As Heroball, you possess incredible abilities and the determination to defeat the evil squares that threaten the world. With each level, you will encounter new obstacles, enemies, and puzzles to overcome. Collect stars along the way to unlock additional characters who will aid you in your quest, such as the mighty AmericaBall, agile SpiderBall, and powerful Ironball.

PC controls:
Use the arrow keys to move or the WASD keys!!
Mobile and Tablet controls:
Use the game buttons to move

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