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Lines is a captivating and meditative game that transcends traditional gaming conventions. It offers an abstract and serene experience where aesthetics and functionality intertwine harmoniously.

The objective is simple yet intriguing – you must strategically place or remove dots to ignite a vibrant race that will gracefully fill a mesmerizing drawing. As the race unfolds, the color that prevails will claim victory, leaving a captivating visual masterpiece in its wake.

This game is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life, whether you're commuting or enjoying a brief moment of respite.

Its accessibility allows you to immerse yourself in a single session, lasting mere seconds, or indulge in an addictive winning streak that can extend for an exhilarating series of 20 games.

Tap on a line to place a dot. Be smart and choose and strategic and logic position for the dots. Sometimes you need to place one dot, other times two dots.

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