Mahjong 3D Connect

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Mahjong 3D Connect is the perfect fusion of the beloved classic mahjong game and the immersive world of three-dimensional gameplay. Get ready to embark on a unique and captivating mahjong experience like never before.

In this game, the traditional flat tiles are transformed into stunning three-dimensional structures, adding a whole new layer of depth and excitement to the gameplay.

If you're a fan of mahjong and have always wondered how it would feel to play it in a three-dimensional environment, Mahjong 3D Connect is here to fulfill your curiosity.

The familiar objective remains the same: clear the board by matching identical tiles and removing them from the playing area. However, with the addition of the third dimension, you'll need to consider new angles and perspectives to successfully connect the tiles.

The rules are simple: find and match two tiles with the same symbol. Tiles are matchable only if they are not blocked by other tiles. If they are blocked, you will have to match the tiles around them first. The speed of matching is key since the time is constantly running out! For every level you beat you will get some extra time. Having troubles finding a match? Not a problem! Simply use the ‘Help’ and ‘Shuffle’ boosters!

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