Memory Match

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Memory Match is a classic and addictive puzzle game that will put your memory skills to the test. Get ready to challenge your brain and sharpen your recollection abilities as you embark on a journey of matching pairs and unlocking hidden patterns.

In this engaging game, your goal is to flip over cards on the game board and find matching pairs. Each card contains a unique image, and it's your task to remember their positions as you flip them over. Match two identical cards consecutively, and they will be removed from the board. The challenge lies in remembering the positions of the cards as they are flipped back over, testing your ability to recall and match them accurately.

Memory Match offers various levels of difficulty, from easy to challenging, allowing players of all ages to enjoy the game at their own pace. As you progress, the number of cards and the complexity of the patterns will increase, providing a stimulating and rewarding experience.

Tap, click or touch tile to flip/open. then open another closed tile.

If two open tile match, tile will be removed from the screen and score will be increased.

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