Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures

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Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures is an incredibly entertaining and addictive card game that takes you on a thrilling journey alongside the lovable and hilarious Mr Bean himself. Prepare to immerse yourself in a solitaire adventure like no other, filled with excitement and challenges that will test your card-playing skills to the limit.

The game begins with Mr Bean experimenting with taking selfies on top of London's iconic Tower Bridge. However, a mishap occurs, and he accidentally falls from the bridge, colliding with a ship destined for the United States. When he awakens, he finds himself in the vibrant city of New York, and thus begins his extraordinary solitaire adventure.

Tap or click to stack your cards in the correct order, either ascending or descending. If you have a 3 of clubs, you can match it with a 2 of any suit, or a 4 of any suit.

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