New Year Party Challenge

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New Year Party Challenge invites you to celebrate the joyous spirit of the international holiday with a delightful game filled with festive fun and fashion. As the New Year is celebrated in various ways across different countries, the princesses have come together to arrange a unique challenge.

They plan to decorate the palace according to their kingdom's style and choose outfits that reflect their cultural traditions.

In Eliza's kingdom, the New Year's festivities revolve around a majestic festive tree. Adorned with beautiful ornaments, gifts are placed beneath it, while a delectable spread of sweets and treats graces the table. The kingdom comes alive with the twinkle of festive garlands, creating a magical atmosphere.

This year, the fashion trends include sparkling gold and silver outfits, adorned with stars and snowflakes, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to the celebrations.

Mouse and Finger

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