Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack

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Shaun the Sheep Sheep Stack is a charming and addictive game that will test your stacking skills and bring a smile to your face. Your goal is simple: stack the adorable sheeps up to the window using a unique and entertaining method.

Prepare to be entertained as you launch the sheeps into the air by pulling their pants, catapulting them towards the sky. It's a hilarious and innovative way to achieve your objective.

As you embark on this sheep-stacking adventure, you'll encounter various challenges and obstacles along the way. Each sheep must be carefully aimed and launched with precision to ensure a stable and sturdy stack. The higher you stack, the more points you'll earn, but beware of the wobbling and swaying tower.

Keep your focus sharp and your reflexes quick to maintain balance and prevent the sheep stack from toppling over.

Click on the pants and move your mouse to set the angle and power.

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