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Smiley World Match is an exciting and colorful online game that will bring a smile to your face. In this delightful smiley game, your objective is to collect items by strategically swapping the smileys' positions. By lining up three or more matching items, you'll be able to gather them and advance through the game.

Each level of this cheerful smiley face puzzle game presents a special mission that you must complete. Your task may involve collecting fruits, fish, and nuts, or perhaps it's all about tidying up the environment by trimming the grass and removing obstacles. The level map will guide you, showcasing the specific icons that represent the items you need to gather.

To move the icons around the board, tap one and pull it to a neighboring slot. If this move results in a combination of three or more matching icons, the Smileys will vanish from the board and new ones will come tumbling down.

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