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Now play game online in your web browser for free at is an exhilarating multiplayer game that will immerse you in a winter wonderland. Prepare yourself for an icy adventure as you take control of a snowball hero and embark on a quest for supremacy.

In Snow Heroes, your objective is simple yet thrilling - consume orbs scattered throughout the snowy landscape to grow your mass. As you accumulate size, slide and bump your way through the frozen terrain with finesse and style. The game mechanics allow you to sprint, jump, and roll ahead, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

However, be mindful of your gauge as there are limits to how far you can roll. It's a balancing act of skill and strategy as you aim to expand your snowball hero's size while avoiding obstacles and rival players. Once you achieve a substantial size, charge forward with grace, striking opponents with a soft and cold embrace.

CONTROLS:Cursor - moveLeft Mouse Button - sprintRight Mouse Button - jumpRemember - both sprint and jump are limited, so use them wisely. While sprinting, your mass drops, so it’s not recommended to use it constantly. When you jump and fall on other Snow Hero smaller than you, you will absorb its mass, the same as by colliding it. However, if you land on the ground without hitting another snowball, you will lose a significant amount of your current mass.

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