The Smurfs Cooking

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The Smurfs Cooking is an enchanting culinary adventure that invites players to join Chef Smurf in preparing for the lively village festival. Immerse yourself in the delightful world of the Smurfs as you bake a delectable assortment of cupcakes, pancakes, and donuts.

Let your imagination run wild as you decorate muffins, cakes, and cookies with a vibrant array of icing and jam, adding that extra touch of sweetness.

As the festival kicks into high gear, your booth becomes a bustling hub of activity. The goal in each level is to cater to the unique tastes of every Smurf that visits your booth. Time is of the essence as you whip up batches of mouthwatering treats, ensuring they are perfectly baked and adorned.

Tap or click the kitchen utilities and ingredients to prepare the dishes

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