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Twirl is an ingenious puzzle game that will put your logical thinking skills to the test. If you have a knack for completing intricate and challenging puzzles, then this game is tailor-made for you.

Immerse yourself in a world of mind-bending conundrums where every move counts. The objective is to navigate through a series of intricate mazes, each filled with obstacles, traps, and strategically placed elements. Your task is to find the optimal path, avoiding hazards and reaching the goal.

With each level, the difficulty increases, presenting you with more complex puzzles and new twists. You'll need to think several steps ahead, considering the consequences of each move. Analyze the layout, plan your actions, and execute your strategy with precision.

You need to drag the figures onto the field. At the same time, with each level, it will be more interesting and interesting for you, because You will meet with a variety of exciting tasks.

We wish you only victories!

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