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Vex 6 takes the parkour-platformer genre to new heights with its thrilling gameplay and visually stunning graphics. In this latest installment of the series, you'll guide your stickman through a total of 18 challenging Acts, including 9 brand new Acts and 9 additional Hard Acts for those seeking an extra challenge.

Each Act is filled with intricate obstacles and tricky platforms that will test your agility and precision. Jump, slide, and maneuver your way through each level, pushing your skills to the limit. But be prepared, as each Act concludes with a final stage known as 'Vexation,' which will truly put your abilities to the test.

For those seeking even more rewards, VEX 6 offers daily tasks and a daily bonus level. By completing these challenges and returning to the game every day, you can earn extra coins to enhance your stickman's appearance and show off your progress.

On keyboard use the Arrow-keys or WASD-keys to move your character around. On mobile use the left/right arrow buttons and Jump/Slide on the screen.

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