Wooden Fish

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Wooden Fish is a delightful and soothing game that offers a collection of calming activities to help players unwind and find tranquility. With its serene atmosphere and engaging gameplay, it provides a perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life.

In Wooden Fish, you'll discover a variety of relaxing games and interactive experiences designed to bring a sense of peace and joy. One of the captivating activities involves pinching bubbles on bubble paper, creating a satisfying sensory experience as you pop each bubble and feel the tension melt away.

The simple act of popping bubbles can be surprisingly therapeutic and serve as a great stress reliever.

HOW PLAY: No need to unlock, easy to play, touch, squeeze, swing in just a few minutes, and the troubles will be left behind.
WHY PLAY: Players can try a variety of decompression environments, and the gameplay of various small objects in the game is also different. Click on the mobile phone to have a fun try to satisfy your little hobby!

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