Yummy Tales 2

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Yummy Tales 2 welcomes you to an exciting world of delightful match 3 puzzles that will satisfy your craving for fun! In this enchanting game, you'll meet Oscar, a clever little dog who becomes your trusted companion in tending to your farm animals.

Get ready to embark on a colorful journey as you match three or more fruits and vegetables of the same kind to remove them from the board.

The goal is to feed and care for your adorable farm animals by filling them up with the delicious produce you gather. With each successful match, the animals become more and more satiated, bringing joy to both you and them.

But beware, the clock is ticking! You must strategize and make matches wisely to complete the level before you run out of moves. If you're unable to finish in time, you'll have to start over and give it another shot.

Get full stars by matching at least 3 of the same fruits and vegetables by swapping them with the touch controls or the mouse. You can enjoy the boosters and power-ups if you match 4 or more items!

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