Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense

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Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense takes the popular gameplay of Diamond Dash games and adds an exciting space adventure twist. Get ready to immerse yourself in a thrilling journey through the cosmos as you take control of a powerful cannon and aim to clear the galaxy of remnants left behind by previous alien armies.

In this captivating game, your mission is to strategically shoot and match the pieces of armament to create explosive combos. Aim carefully and unleash your cannon's power to eliminate clusters of alien debris. As you progress through the levels, the challenge intensifies, with new obstacles and puzzles to overcome.

With its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and immersive space setting, Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense offers hours of addictive fun. Can you become the ultimate defender of the galaxy and clear the cosmos of all alien remnants? Step up to the challenge and embark on this thrilling space adventure today!

Show your superiority through two game modes. In the Time Trial Mode, you have two minutes to earn the biggest score while in the survival mode, you must reach an ever growing score.
Make chains of bubbles of the same color.
Until where will you be able to go?

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