2K Shoot

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2K Shoot is an addictive and innovative puzzle game that combines elements of the popular 2048 Puzzle and bubble shooter genres.

Prepare yourself for a unique gaming experience as you dive into Bubble 2K Shoot 2048 Ball: Shoot & Merge Puzzle and engage your brain in a relaxing and enjoyable challenge.

In 2K Shoot & Merge Puzzle, you'll find a refreshing twist on traditional number merge puzzle games. Instead of simply merging numbers, this game introduces a bubble shooter mechanic.

Take aim and shoot balls to match two identically colored balls, causing them to merge and form a double number ball. The goal is to strategically shoot and merge the balls to create higher numbers and clear the board.

- Tap and hold the screen to aim a number of balls.
- Shoot and match 2 same-colored balls.
- Don't forget to use magical ball or bomb ball when you get stuck

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