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Conduct THIS is a captivating game that will transport you into the thrilling world of railway operation. Get ready to unleash your inner conductor as you navigate through explosive railway action and put your skills to the test.

With its stunning visuals and intuitive controls, this game will keep you engaged as you race against time to ensure the safe arrival of passengers to their destinations. Your command over trains, strategic track-switching, and collision avoidance will be put to the ultimate test in a series of challenging action-puzzles.

Embark on an exciting journey through a variety of beautiful and mysterious regions. Each new level presents a unique set of challenges that will push your problem-solving abilities to the limit.

As you successfully navigate through the intricacies of railway management, you'll unlock new trains that offer distinct characteristics and abilities. These powerful locomotives will become your tools to overcome obstacles and complete each level with precision.

Click on trains to start and stop them!

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