Daily Solitaire Blue

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Daily Solitaire Blue is an exceptional klondike solitaire game that offers a fresh and exciting experience every day. Get ready to embark on a new challenge as you dive into a world of card puzzles and test your skills.

With Daily Solitaire Blue, you can expect a variety of challenges and difficulty levels that change depending on the day of the week. Each day brings a unique set of cards and objectives, keeping the game fresh and engaging. It's the perfect opportunity to sharpen your solitaire skills and become a master of the game.

The goal of the Daily Solitaire Blue is to sort all the cards into four piles. You have to start each pile's foundation with an ace and the pile has to be built in ascending order from aces up to kings. A card - or a group of cards - can be moved to one of the seven columns if the value of the topmost card is exactly one lower, and the color is different from the card it’s being moved on.

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