Graffiti Time

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Graffiti Time is a game that bursts back onto the scene, rekindling the spirit of artistic rebellion and urban expression. Join Mr. Fat Cap, a renowned graffiti artist, as he embarks on an intergalactic adventure, traversing the universe to leave his mark through vibrant and captivating graffiti art.

With a mischievous flair, players will navigate the streets, sneaking through hidden alleyways to create stunning masterpieces and tags that will breathe life back into the urban landscape.

In this exhilarating game, players must outsmart robotic adversaries who are relentless in their pursuit to apprehend the daring artist. Every step must be calculated, every stroke of the spray can executed with precision, as Mr. Fat Cap evades capture and leaves his artistic imprint behind.

Fly above the bustling city streets, utilizing a double jump to access hard-to-reach spots and unleash your creativity on unsuspecting walls and surfaces.

Use Arrows to Move and C to paint or enter to Tagging mode

On Mobile use on-screen buttons

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