Lucky Looter

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Lucky Looter is an exhilarating game that puts your stealth and quick-thinking skills to the test. Step into the shoes of a cunning thief and embark on a thrilling adventure where your goal is to snatch as many valuable loots as you can.

But be warned, the city is heavily guarded, and the patrols are on high alert. Your success lies in your ability to stay one step ahead and outsmart the watchful eyes of the authorities.

As you navigate through various locations, you'll encounter a myriad of valuable items just waiting to be seized. From priceless artworks to shiny jewels, each loot presents a tempting opportunity to fill your pockets. But you must tread carefully, for any wrong move can alert the guards and jeopardize your mission.

- Drag your finger on the screen to move your Thief!
- Release your finger to hide in the box!
- Don't get caught by the Police!

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