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Draw Leg is a unique and exhilarating game that combines the art of drawing with the thrill of running and climbing.

In this exciting adventure, your creativity and quick thinking will be put to the test as you must draw a pair of legs before taking on each new obstacle that comes your way.

The key to success in Draw Leg lies in your ability to adapt and customize your legs to match the challenges ahead. With each level presenting different obstacles and hurdles, you'll need to draw a new pair of legs that are specifically designed to overcome those challenges.

Whether it's a high wall, a wide gap, or a series of tricky platforms, your legs must be shaped accordingly to ensure a smooth and successful journey.

Speed is of the essence in this game, so be sure to run fast and maneuver your character skillfully through each level. The faster you move, the better your chances of reaching the finish line and progressing to the next exciting stage.

But remember, your legs play a crucial role in your success, so draw them strategically and adapt them to the ever-changing environment.

Draw your legs to win the race!

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