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Now play game online in your web browser for free at is an immersive and thrilling online multiplayer game that plunges you into a world filled with terrifying creatures. In this heart-pounding adventure, you must make a critical choice: will you fight to survive as a lone human against the monstrous horde, or embrace your inner monster and unleash your primal instincts to hunt down unsuspecting prey?

The game offers a unique gameplay experience where you can choose to play as either a courageous human or a fearsome monster. Each side possesses its own set of distinctive abilities and powers, providing a diverse range of gameplay options.

As a human, you must rely on your wits, agility, and resourcefulness to outsmart the monstrous adversaries and escape their clutches. Use cunning strategies, gather resources, and collaborate with fellow survivors to increase your chances of survival.

Try to survive in the world of horrible monsters or become one of them to start a hunt! Choose your side and go!
Each has his own abilities and power. Try everyone.

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