Noob Miner: Escape from prison

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Noob Miner is an adventurous and exciting game that puts you in the shoes of a noob trapped in a prison mine. Your task is to work hard, gather resources, and navigate your way through challenges to ultimately find a way to escape from the prison.

In Noob Miner, you'll find yourself in a vast underground mine filled with valuable resources waiting to be collected. As you mine, you can sell your resources to various traders and use the earnings to buy better mining equipment, such as new picks, to increase your efficiency.

Your mission is to escape from the prison by destroying the walls!

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For mobile:
Left Joystick - Move
Right Joystick - Block Destruction
Tap on the screen in an empty place - Install the block

For PC:
WASD\Arrows - Move
LCM - Destruction of blocks
PCM - Install the block
E - Inventory or store open
ESC - Pause


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