Stickman vs Aliens

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In Stickman vs Aliens, prepare for an epic battle between the fearless stickman hero and the invading extraterrestrial forces. This action-packed game puts you in control of the stickman protagonist as you fight off waves of alien enemies with your impressive combat skills.

As the last line of defense against the alien invasion, your mission is to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat and save humanity. Armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons and your incredible agility, you must navigate through various levels filled with alien adversaries, obstacles, and challenges.

The gameplay in Stickman vs Aliens combines intense combat sequences with strategic thinking. You'll need to utilize your fighting moves, dodge enemy attacks, and unleash devastating combos to defeat the alien forces. Each level presents unique environments and enemy types, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

Arrows - move.
Space \ E - attack.
Defeat all enemies in a level to advance to the next one.
Destroy the alien eggs and save the ship's captain!

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Arcade Action



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