Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

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Super Friday Night Squid Challenge takes Boyfriend and Girlfriend on an exhilarating journey filled with high stakes and thrilling adventures. After losing all their money in a gambling mishap, they find themselves in a desperate situation where they must participate in the Squid games to regain their fortune.

In this rhythm-based game, your task is to guide Boyfriend and Girlfriend as they face off against challenging opponents and compete in intense musical battles. Each week presents a new set of songs that you must master to progress further and increase your chances of winning the ultimate prize.

With 12 levels to conquer, each more challenging than the last, you'll need to demonstrate your mastery of the game's mechanics and prove your worth as a rhythm game prodigy. The high prize of 38 million USD is within your reach, but only if you can maintain your composure, precision, and determination throughout the entire journey.

The objective of the game is to complete each of the rap and spectacular music battles !!! Can you beat the terrifying doll in this chilling survival game? I try and show that you have the best score of all.

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