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Super Killer puts you in the shoes of a skilled secret agent, on a mission to eliminate enemies lurking in the shadows of a sprawling city. Step into a world of intrigue and danger as you navigate through intricately designed rooms, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities. Your objective? Take down the bad guys with ruthless precision.

In Super Killer, you'll need to tap into your creative thinking and strategic prowess. The game rewards ingenuity, allowing you to explore alternative paths to reach your targets.

Utilize the physics of the environment to your advantage, leveraging the ricochets and curving flight of your weapon to shatter boxes and break windows. These actions not only provide you with additional avenues to eliminate your enemies but also add an extra layer of satisfaction to each kill.

As a secret agent, you must adapt to the ever-changing landscape of danger. Stay alert, analyze your surroundings, and devise clever plans to outsmart your foes. Every room presents a unique puzzle, requiring you to think outside the box and uncover hidden opportunities. Precision and timing are paramount as you unleash your deadly skills on the unsuspecting adversaries.

Click and drag to aim, let go to shoot the bad guys.

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