Elon Cars : Online Sky Stunt

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Elon Cars is an extraordinary game series that brings futuristic concepts and exhilarating gameplay to your fingertips. Let's dive into the first installment of this series, Elon Cars: Online Sky Stunt, and explore its thrilling features.

True to its name, this game transports you to a world where the sky is your playground. Join the action-packed multiplayer game rooms by utilizing 50 Elon Coins, and prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. Each game room accommodates up to 5 players, setting the stage for intense competition and breathtaking stunts.

As you enter the game, every player starts with the same car, but the real excitement lies in your ability to change and upgrade your vehicle. Traverse the expansive map, navigating challenging obstacles and daring jumps, in your quest to reach new levels. With each successful car change, you'll ascend to Level 1, and the race to be the first player to reach Level 5 begins. The victor not only earns the glory of winning the game but also receives a generous reward of Elon Coins.

You can use the arrow keys of the keyboard for vehicle movement.

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