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Who was who is an engaging and entertaining game that challenges players to match photos of celebrities in their youth. This exciting and addictive game is designed to test your knowledge of famous personalities and put your face recognition skills to the ultimate test.

The concept of Who was who is simple yet captivating. You will be presented with a series of photos depicting celebrities during their early years, before they rose to fame. Your task is to correctly identify and match each photo with the corresponding celebrity. It's a thrilling journey through time as you explore the past lives of these iconic figures.

This game is not just for those who already have extensive knowledge of celebrities. It also offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone to delve into the world of face recognition and test their abilities in identifying famous faces. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply curious about the lives of celebrities, Who was who provides a fun and educational experience.

You need to connect a child photo of a celebrity with the corresponding photo with a line

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