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Now play Knife Blades game online in your web browser for free at is an adrenaline-pumping game that thrusts you into a thrilling arena of knife-wielding combat. Prepare yourself for an intense battle as you equip and wield various knives to engage in fierce encounters with other skilled competitors. With a combination of offensive and defensive tactics, you must strategize your every move to outsmart and overpower your adversaries.

In, the key to success lies in your ability to pick up knives scattered throughout the arena and expertly wrap them around yourself. This unique mechanic allows you to not only augment your offensive capabilities but also establish a formidable defense. As you navigate the arena, carefully assess the situation and choose the most suitable approach to engage with your opponents.

When it comes to offense, unleash a flurry of razor-sharp strikes, utilizing your arsenal of knives to deliver devastating blows to your foes. Show off your precision and timing as you aim for vulnerable spots, aiming to take down your opponents swiftly and efficiently. Every strike counts, so make each one count.

How to Play:
*Hold&drag to move and attack enemies!
*Release to enter defensive mode

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